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Is APWR Different?

|Includes: A-Power Energy Generation Systems Ltd. (APWR)

As part of investing, one has to get a sense for what the company is all about.
Started to follow them 6-7 months ago. and invested today after their call.

What is different about this company:
  - at first, their contract with GE got my attention.  But today I got to hear :
     a) they have a backlog for many many entities and will ship to multiple customers rather than satisfy 1 oe 2 large customers.
     b) although the gov't would like to take a lot of their supply, they are going after the end market

   - They are not limiting them selves to one segment of the wiind power... the 2.7MW... they even had orders for 750KW units that they did not bring up in their release but they have a backlog there.

   - In the last quarter, they got into the 'solar' business for buildings... very different than wind power, wouldn't you say?

 - Lastly, I got won over when in the last question and answer they CLARIFY THAT THEY A 'PAYGO' ( my words) company. What does this mean? They have contracted to get paid for their work as they go along. Let's say that it takes n months to build a $4M unit,  they get a pre-order advance and they get paid as they  spend to build the unit. So revenue recognition is a PAYGO process.  the Sign of a true SERVICE COMPANY and not a manufacturing mindset ( pay at shipment).

  - 2010 backlog is not quntified but described as 'bigger than one would think of' ( my words).

Worth listneing to the call.

I am in