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A Fragile Main Street By Charles Payne

I know America has entered into a new realm of belief that centers on scientific consensus that jettisons religious belief and gut feelings to a dustbin. Part of this campaign is based on the notion that man controls or is the ultimate influence on everything. I don't think that's true. Because I don't think that's true I'm free to believe anything is possible. I don't accept limits placed by guys in lab coats, and you shouldn't either.

I have tremendous respect for science, but I think it becomes a toxic brew when mixed with politics to achieve goals that ironically have more to do with man controlling man than man rescuing man.

The same morning that a giant cruise-ship was pulled into a port in Mobile, Alabama there was a meteor zooming across the Russian sky. One scene represented the immense intelligence and innovation of mankind; the other demonstrated the kind of power that doesn't evolve from the remains of a bang in empty space. Look at the stats:

Triumph Cruise Ship

> 101,509 gross tons
> Power of six diesel generating engines (when working)
> Speed-adrift (22.5 knots when working)

Russian Meteor

> 7,000 tons
> Power of 500 kilotons of TNT
> 46,000 miles per hour

We debate stuff on television every day, and I write in a way that tries to get everyone to empower themselves with a sense of freedom and determination. There will come a point when that mountain of debt tumbles. There could come a point when the war against success boils over into something uglier. There is no doubt America isn't positioned to put it in cruise control, yet we are actually in reverse.

Is man destroying the planet? I don't think so, but I do know that even scientists that think we are headed for some kind of disaster see it happening beyond one hundred years from now.

One doesn't need to be a Nobel Prize winner to see obvious threats that ironically enough those that use science to sell their agenda refuse to yield to. The world isn't coming apart tomorrow unless a giant meteor hits it hard enough to knock it off its axis. That's out of our hands, so let's not fret or even consider it.

So let's live for today and tomorrow and take our future into our own hands. It's time to build a nest egg that will make your golden years a bright shining rocket hurling through the sky.

How Fragile is Main Street