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It's Time To Stop Kidding Ourselves About Apple

|About: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Apple (SYMBOL: AAPL) might have a dominate market share, but it's apparently no longer cool to be a successful company. With all of the talk that "Cook isn't Jobs" and that Apple is destine to lose a material portion of it's market share in 2013 (haven't heard that before), it's hard to see what's right in front of us.

As Apple currently stands, the stock is underpriced. You can sit here and explain to me all of the reasons why Apple is no longer the golden child of tech, but it's all hogwash to me. Apple just needs to keep doing what they are doing, plain and simple. But you know what? They probably will actually grow revenues in 2013 with the help of expanding product lines and more importantly expanding markets.

Expanding markets.... did I say expanding markets? Do I not know there are counterfeit problems in China and other parts of Asia!? Apparently you all forgot what Apple actually is... a brand.

Wasn't it just a few weeks ago that a woman was being tazered in a mall for trying to buy too many iPhones so that she could ship them to her sister in Asia to resell for four or fives times retail? It's almost like this new market desires the Apple status symbol.

Wake up wall street or do we need to have a split before people aren't afraid of the big scary $500 a share Apple?

My message to Tim Cook is this: "Keep it up."

With a P/E (11.7) that could break single digits if this stock falls anymore, I absolutely cannot believe the market has allowed this stock to get this low. Did I mention increasing margins, yeah Apple has that going for it as well. Countless other tech companies with absolutely terrible fundamentals have fended better (and even appreciated) since the start of the Apple decline in September 2012.

The madness has to stop, if you can't buy at least somewhat into Apple as it stands now, I think it's time to call it a year and pack it up for 2013.

Disclosure: I am long AAPL. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.