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Berkshire Hathaway Investment Holdings Divided: Buffett, Combs, And Weschler

|Includes: Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK.A), BRK.B

On May 15, 2014, Berkshire Hathaway's first quarter 13-F was released identifying the company's new stake in Verizon Communications while also notably showing increased current stakes in Wal-Mart Stores and Liberty Global, and decreasing ownership in DirecTV and General Motors.

While the filing reveals the moves made by Berkshire itself, it leaves many followers clueless as to which investment manager buys or sells the respective holding. This article purely speculates as to the individual investments made by the three key decision-makers in Omaha.

Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, has been at the helm for more than 60 years now and it is believed that he is currently managing roughly $90 billion of the portfolio.

Possible picks would include (Ranked by holding size, rounded):

Wells Fargo ~$23 billion

Coca-Cola ~$16 billion

American Express ~$13 billion

IBM ~$13 billion

Bank of America Warrants ~$11 billion

Wal-Mart Stores ~$4 billion

Procter and Gamble ~$4 billion

Exxon Mobile ~$4 billion

U.S. Bancorp ~$3 billion

Moody's ~$2 billion

Goldman Sachs Group ~$2 billion

USG ~$1 billion

Graham Holdings ~$1 billion

General Motors ~$1 billion

ConocoPhillips ~$900 million

Bank of New York Mellon ~$800 million

Phillips 66 ~$800 million

M&T Bank ~$600 million

Costco Wholesale ~$500 million

General Electric ~$300 million

Sanofi Aventis ~$200 million

United Parcel Service ~$60 million

Johnson and Johnson ~$30 million

Mondelez International ~$20 million

Kraft Foods Group ~$10 million

Adds to ~$102 billion more or less.

Todd Combs has been with Berkshire since late in 2010 and he is believed to be currently managing around $7 billion.

Possible picks would include (Ranked by holding size):

Chicago Bridge & Iron ~$700 million

National Oilwell Varco ~$700 million

VeriSign ~$600 million

Suncor Energy ~$500 million

Precision Castparts ~$500 million

WABCO Holdings ~$400 million

Deere & Co ~$400 million

DirecTV Group ~$400 million

Visa ~$300 million

MasterCard ~$300 million

Torchmark ~$300 million

Verisk Analytics ~$100 million

Adds to about $5.2 billion and this is well short of the $7 or more billion of estimated holdings because Combs may have some of the same bank investments as Buffett. This could possibly include Wells Fargo, U.S. Bancorp, or Bank of New York Mellon to compensate for the $1.8 billion or so missing.

Ted Weschler joined the company about a year after Todd Combs in late of 2011. He is also believed to manage around $7 billion or so of the Berkshire portfolio.

Possible picks would include (Ranked by holding size):

DaVita HealthCare ~$3 billion

DirecTV Group ~$2 billion

Liberty Media Capital ~$800 million

Viacom ~$700 million

Verizon Communications ~$500 million

Liberty Global ~$300 million

Liberty Global C ~$300 million

Starz ~$200 million

Media General ~$90 million

Lee Enterprises ~$400,000

The total comes to about $7.9 billion, a bit above the mark. It is understood that both Combs and Weschler have DirecTV contributing to their portfolios, but the split between the two is unknown and is likely misrepresented in this speculative analysis.

Because this article is an opinion of speculative analysis, it is probable to have several detailing errors and a lack of accuracy in the distribution of holdings per individual.

Disclosure: I am long WFC, XOM, BAC, NOV, BRK.B.