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Matt Taibbi's Greed And Debt

Comment (#1399), re: Matt Taibbi's Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital, Rolling Stone, Aug 29, 2012 (

Both 2012 presidential candidates share great similarities when it comes to their future ability to optimize a dysfunctional socio-economic system: Mitt Romney, and his record in LBOs, and Barack Obama, and his record as 2008-2012 President; neither even come close to it. Both are misreading the societal system which lacks real credit backed by real trust. Focusing their leadership on anything else will unlikely improve the system as a whole.

Both the current (2012) phase of the Long Wave and the prolonged history of non-optimized socio-economic system, reflect a time period when credit has changed into debt and trust into mistrust with well-known detrimental societal consequences. It may not be until the 2020 election when candidates may include in their platform a concerted effort to reverse debt back to credit and mistrust into trust.