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Systems Science Guidelines For Optimal Sustainability: A Framework For Life


Life has an unprecedented historic record of favorably sustaining itself; humans are best to be in synch with its cycles. This study searched for key determinants of biologic systems sustainability.

Public domain records from the 1960s were selected for the study. Systems Science and the Dynamic Systems Model methodologies were used as they offer a complementary perspective on examining sustainability.

Sustainability is related to the way systems deal with transformation, individually and collectively; when present, sustainability is the output, the emergence, of an optimized system. In order for a biologic.

In order for a biologic system to create healthy emergence, it first needs to select optimizing attractors for its sensory processing from the existing field of awareness; second, the sensory perception that follows, must engage the collaboration of 3-D hippocampal memory and an optimized executive prefrontal cortex; an alternate, though unhealthy, pathway does exist, when sensory input is processed through the reward centers of the neuro-net and ends in the prefrontal cortex that is in a state of a dysexecutive syndrome.