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I’m Off to the World Series

Sorry for the short letter today, but we are taking off on a company outing to the 2010 World Series! I promise I didn’t pay more than $650 a ticket, and that is for the worst seats in the house. The scalpers are certainly hitting a home run. It’s worth it though, because who knows when I’ll next be able to attend the fall classic with a $3.75 BART ticket? The Giants haven’t won a world series since 1954, back when they still played in New York, when my favorite TV shows was Captain Kangaroo.

As with many other male San Francisco Giants fans, and even some of the females, I have not shaved my beard this month to show support for the team. So what if I look like I ate road kill for dinner last night? There may be some quirks in California baseball you may not know about. For a start, there is a law that you can’t play unless you once appeared as a hillbilly extra in the film Deliverance. That explains the profusion of ZZ Top and lumber jack type facial hair. All around the Bay Area kids will be glued to their television sets, twirling their fingers in their own fake beards, praying for a homer into McCovey Cove that delivers San Francisco’s first World Series win.

There is also a law against spending money. The Giants scrimped by with a $55 million budget to beat the Philadelphia Phillies’ lavish $142 million payroll to get here. They will be going head to head tonight against the Texas Rangers, who amazingly used the same $55 million to defeat the exorbitant $206 million a year New York Yankees. That’s why you often run into Giants players at the Dollar Store buying new uniforms, shoes, and mitts.

Never mind that the series will lag behind CSPAN in TV ratings, and will eventually end up as the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question. Watch for me on the boob tube in the upper left field bleachers. I’ll just take it out of next year’s Super Bowl budget.