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My experience with the (NYSEARCA:TBT) over the past year has been truly amazing, all thanks to you.  I’ve been a subscriber to your daily newsletter for well over a year now and have been tenaciously following your advice on TBT.  I was buying and selling (TBT) early last year when it was stuck in that $45-$50 range, just as you were instructing me to do.  I kept tight stops in place and watched it fall out of bed all the way to 30.  Then one day in late August you wrote an article that said to look into buying some long dated out of the money (TBT) calls.  I was still totally infatuated with your (TBT) trade, so I followed your instructions and bought some slightly out of the money (April or June) 31 call options.

The thing finally exploded like you said it would and I made 100% on that set of call options very quickly.  I was so nervous never done so well on a trade before, that I sold when I hit 100% return.  I have since bought slightly out of the money call options on (TBT) and I am making returns like I have never seen in my life.  I sold another set of them at a 87% return.

Thanks for making Christmas come a little early for me.

Atlanta, Georgia