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How the US is Getting Screwed on Its China Trade

  One of the great things about running a website with a truly global reach is that readers send me material, which is nothing less than outrageous. So, I had to laugh when I found in my inbox an animation of two bears discussing the hopelessly idiotic approach the US government has taken towards its trade with China over the past two decades.

America gave away 25 million jobs, got nothing in return, with the end result that our standard of living is falling, while China’s is rising. The Chinese made this easy by devaluing their currency 50%, thus giving their exporters an unassailable price advantage. This has enabled the Middle Kingdom to buy an increasingly larger part of the US every year at knock down prices. The US could address this imbalance at anytime through the imposition of punitive import duties and forcing a revaluation of the Chinese Yuan. But any attempts to do so are fought off by well financed libertarian pro business elements spouting the principals of free trade. So, China laughs all the way to the bank, and the unemployment rate here ratchets ever skyward.

To watch this irreverent video in its entirety, please click on this link at , and learn how international trade really works.