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What is Wrong With This Picture?

There is something wrong with this picture.  The Chinese stock market is shouting at us that the bull market is back, while the price of crude is telling us in more surreptitious tones that this is a bear market rally that will fail. If we were in a true economic recovery, crude would have run back up to the $70-$90 range by now. Who is right? Certainly large scale Chinese buying of economically sensitive commodities like crude and copper has been the hallmark this seven week move in global equity markets, which have brought a welcome $7 trillion boost in valuations. But how much of the move has been mere short covering? What is the extent of the dead can bounce? Until a recovery in corporate earnings signals the “all clear” we could be stuck in a trading range here, possibly until the end of the year, and maybe for years. “Sell in May and go away” is looking better by the day. Sell a few short dated calls above the market against your long positions. Pass the sunscreen?