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the Chickens Are coming Home to Roost on the dollar

|Includes: PowerShares DB USD Bull ETF (UUP)
The chickens are finally coming home to roost for the dollar, which has gapped since Thursday from $1.40 down to $1.4450 against the euro, and done even worse again the Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand currencies. Crude traders tell me that the weak buck is making oil go up, while currency traders inform me that it is strong crude that is causing the dollar collapse. It’s like an Agatha Christie murder mystery where all of the suspects are guilty. If we are on the eve of an economic recovery, many fear that the US will return to its old, evil, high consuming, high importing ways, and that the trade deficit will skyrocket. If is doesn’t, then you can count on burgeoning government borrowing to knock the stuffing out of the greenback. It sounds like a heads I will, tails you lose bet. This is not exactly a new trend. The chart below shows the purchasing power of the dollar since the Revolutionary War, and it has been mostly downhill since 1929. No, I have not been trading the market that long. Better to take your pay in Euros, American double Eagle gold coins, bushels of wheat, or barrels of crude.