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Time to Take Another Look at Natural Gas

|Includes: The United States Natural Gas ETF, LP (UNG)
Where have all the cheap things gone? Now is the time to exerciseyour discipline and not behave like a stray dog chasing a fire enginein a crummy neighborhood. Only shop for the bombed out stuff, whatstock picking icon Benjamin Graham called “cigar butts left on theground that still have one puff left in them.” I mentioned natural gas(NYSEARCA:UNG) yesterday (NYSEMKT:NG), which is seeing a major swoosh down today andcould be the beginning of an entry point. Wheat is also popping up onmy radar. We are witnessing the greatest growing season in history,with farmers reporting conditions near perfection. How do you improveon perfect? Prices got hammered, but seem to have found a floor around$5/bushel, off from last year’s spot high of $13.50. Once we getthrough the summer and the crop is in the silos, you can look forprices to start an uptrend into the winter. One December wheat contract(WZ09) on the CME buys you 5,000 bushels, worth $25,000 at$5.00/bushel, with a margin requirement of only $2,240. If the tradedoesn’t work out, you can always take delivery and make a lot ofcroissants, or sourdough if you live in San Francisco. If you don’thave the futures account you need to strap on this position, e-mail meat  and I’ll walk you through it.