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Say Goodbye to Your Postman

The US Postal Service, the largest civilian government employer in the country, is getting flayed by a pack of feral dogs. After cutting $6 billion in costs this year by shortening hours, layoffs, and closing branches, it still looks to lose $7 billion. The General Accounting Office says that first class mail volumes have had their greatest fall since the Great Depression I, dropping by half,  and few send out junk mail in a recession. Next on the chopping block is Saturday deliveries to save another $3 billion. Naysayers argue that hard times for the service is proof the government can’t manage anything, including health care. Hellooooo! Have these people heard of e-mail? If the Boston Globe, the Rocky Mountain News, and the San Francisco Chronicle are getting gutted by the Internet, why not the post office? My investment advice? Load up on nondenominated first class postage stamps, which have already increased in value from 42 to 44 cents since December, a gain of 5%. The last time I checked, it cost $8.25 to send a letter via Fedex. Postage rates are going up large.