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The Fat Lady is Singing on Natural Gas

|Includes: Chesapeake Energy Corporation (CHK), DVN, UNG
I love it. The fat lady is singing on natural gas. Not only did we plunge to a multi month low of $3.23/MCF, the crude/gas ratio blew out to yet another new high of an amazing 21 times, wiping out yet another generation of quant players. How many standard deviations is this? Their computers must be melting from the models that are exploding. Didn’t anyone tell them these are just tools, and not gospel? The big providers have just not been able to shut down production fast enough. It looks like Chesapeake Energy’s Aubrey McClendon (NYSE:CHK) is going to have to sell more of his wine collection and artwork (click here for their website). I have been overwhelmingly negative on NG since early June, (click here for report) , suffering an Internet full of abuse in the process. But you want to buy the final washout, because market conditions are bound to improve this winter. Let’s see if you can get a $2 handle, which traders have not visited this century.