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Load the Boat With Natural Gas

Natural gas ($NATGAS), which peaked at $13.50/btu last year, has become the red headed step child of the energy complex, plunging a gut churning 72% to a low of $3.75. To see demand this weak coming out of a cold winter is nothing less than stunning. The credit crisis has forced US companies like Chesapeake Energy (NYSE:CHK) and Devon Energy (NYSE:DVN) to scale back exploration, so the US rig count had dropped by half. The price collapse is welcome news for consumers, as NG is an essential raw material for making naphtha, fertilizer, and plastics and accounts for 20% of US electric power generation. It also is a favored fuel of the green crowd, as the only products of its combustion are carbon dioxide and water. The industry was making the leap from a domestic industry to a global one just the global recession punched it right between the eyes. The completion of six liquefaction plans in Qatar, Russia, Indonesia, and Yemen costing $48 billion is expected to boost global production by 25% this year, and more big plants are coming on stream in the near future. If I’m right, and those really are crocuses out there and not some florid hallucination, then it’s time to load the boat with NG.