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Check Out These Cool ETF Websites

I can honestly say that I have worked for the worst boss on the planet, Rupert Murdoch, when I free lanced for his flagship newspaper, The Australian. No matter what I wrote about Japan’s trade down under in sugar, wheat, coal, iron ore, steel, or uranium, it was always “bloody awful,” even though I was usually accurate, timely and right (and cheap). His visits to Tokyo were a total nightmare, and since I was the only one in the organization then who spoke Japanese, the chore to escort him always fell to me. I can tell you that the grandfatherly Rupert you see today is a cheap, watered down Chinese imitation of the tyrant who terrorized us 30 years ago. When good people were fired, which was often, they were overwhelmed by an immense sense of relief. That rant aside, his newly acquired toy, the Wall Street Journal, still occasionally publishes some useful information. The October 5 issue ran a survey of websites for Exchange Traded Funds, the most popular and rapidly growing investment vehicle to come out so far this century.  ETF’s make possible narrow, rifle shot bets on specific, markets, sectors, currencies, and commodities in both long and short, and leveraged or non leveraged formats.  They are the perfect securities for a guy like me who is constantly trolling the world for opportunities. Morningstar (click here)  is the most comprehensive, handing out star ratings, as it does with mutual funds. Tom Lydon’s ever helpful ETF Trends (click here) , offers a paid subscription service, which publishes 8-10 specific ETF recommendations a day, based on his own investment strategy, which is somewhat similar to my own. For a free ETF data base and directory you can go to the ETF Guide (click here) . To check out the WSJ piece in its entirety, please click here .