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Why You Should Buy Google fir Your Kid's College Fund

|Includes: Alphabet Inc. (GOOG)
When people ask me what is the one stock they should put in their kid’s college fund and forget about, I always give them the same company: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG). The toll taker for the Internet that controls 70% of the global market for search just announced record Q3 profits of $1.6 billion on a revenue rise from $4 billion to $4.4 billion. In this economic environment these numbers are nothing less than astounding, making GOOG one of the few US firms that has actual top line growth.  Google earnings, in fact, have turned into a valuable leading economic indicator by telling us that the strong ad growth came in the retail, travel, and the automotive sectors. This bang up performance is further proof that the irresistible tectonic shift away from old line media like newspapers, radio, and TV, to online, is accelerating, offering advertisers far and away the highest return on investment. Google is fast becoming the operating system for all advertising. While critics focus on the myriad ways the company recklessly burns money on peripheral businesses like Google TV, YouTube, forays into print media, and their private space program, I see gigantic growth opportunities that will prevent the company from becoming another Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). Mobile search grew 30% QOQ as the growing legion of sophisticated portable devices are increasingly used for search. Also, click rates cratered in the great recession, the price of “investment advisor” for example plunging from $4 to pennies. A recovery could bring an equally ferocious rebound in rates that fall straight to GOOG’s bottom line. Most analysts are now targeting the high $600s for the stock price, which I believe will prove conservative. If you are ever worried about America’s future, then just look at these two kids, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who built a $400 billion company out of their dorm room at Stanford in virtually no time, with no capital. Just ignore the office foosball table, volley ball court, and at-desk massage service.