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Join In On My Killing on Wheat

With December wheat (WZ09) tickling $5.48 yesterday, the e-mails are now pouring in from farmers, co-ops, and silo managers in the Great Plains states offering reasons why it should go higher. The Northern states and much of the Midwest west have now endured a couple of cycles of heavy rains followed by punishing freezes. With much of the crop now being brought in wet, it has to be dried by burning large amounts of natural gas to keep it from rotting, delaying shipping. The intemperate weather is pushing back the double planting of new crops. Railroad managers tell me that extra cars are being booked by the hundreds to ship wheat to the West coast ports to accommodate larger than expected Chinese buying. The harvest in the Ukraine is coming in seven million metric tonnes less than expected, which will force some Eastern European nations to come here to buy. My bet that weather would not continue perfect is paying off big time. How hard was that? I also predicted that the September $4.40 bottom would be put in by cash strapped small farmers desperate to unload at any price in order to finance seed and chemicals for the next crop (click here for the report). Traders who took my advice now have the luxurious choice of cashing in their three week, 25% profit (175% if you did it through the futures) and running, or rolling over to a longer dated contract to catch the bigger trend. For a list of reasons why you want to do this, read the piece below on the coming food crisis. And if you want to know how to get set up on the futures, don’t hesitate to email me at