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Ben Bernanke's Tough Job

With the media going gaga over the imagined economic recovery, it’s time to take another look at Ben Bernanke’s exit strategy, or the lack of one. There is no doubt that a large part of our current financial stability is owed to massive Fed support of  the entire spectrum of the debt markets and the forced recapitalization of the banks. If Ben vacates too soon, we’ll descend back into the depths of Hell. If he hangs around too long, he’ll be doling out massive dollops of hyperinflation. It’s like having an annoying dinner party guest who you can’t ditch because you need him to pay the bill. Fed watchers say the dilemma is as challenging as threading a needle in the dark while wearing pruning gloves. There are also the two 800 pound gorillas swept under the carpet named Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are still major sources of home loans for the catatonic housing market. I’m glad it’s his headache and not mine.