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Silver Looks Cheap

Take a look at the chart below and you have to wonder if silver is going to break out of its recent tedious range to the upside. The trigger could be a selloff in global stocks from their recent heady nine week run. The metal is at the low end of its historic valuation relative to gold, which has ranged between 12:1 (Remember the Hunt Brothers?) and 70:1m and is currently 65:1. Geologically, silver is 17 times more common than the yellow metal. All of the gold ever mined is still around, from King Solomon’s mine, to Nazi gold bars in Swiss bank vaults, and would fill two Olympic sized swimming pools. But most of the silver mined has been consumed in various industrial processes, and is sitting at the bottom of toxic waste dumps. Silver did take a multiyear hit when the world shifted from silver based films to digital photography. Now rising standards of living in emerging countries are increasing the demand for silver, especially in areas where there is a strong cultural preference, as in Latin America. That means were are setting up for a classic supply demand squeeze. I think we could run from the current $13.70/ounce to the old high of $50/ounce in the next economic cycle. Since silver can trade with double the volatility of gold, this forecast could prove conservative.