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The Fundamental Arguement for Gold

|Includes: GLD, Randgold Resources Limited (GOLD)
Paul Tudor Jones nicely summed up the fundamental argument in favor of gold.  The yellow metal is accumulated, and not consumed, and is the ultimate store of value. Gold does particularly well during times of excessive monetization, inflation, and instability of the banking system, as we are seeing now. Central banks, which have been consistent sellers for the last 20 years, are about to flip to net buyers. If non G7 central banks, like China, want to increase their gold holdings from the current 20% of reserves to the 35% weighting now owned by the G7, it will require 1.3 billion ounces of new purchases, or 20% of the total world supply. Certainly they are getting fed up with their ever depreciating dollar holdings. Witness last week’s Bank of India purchase of 200 metric tonnes. ETF’s now own $50 billion worth of the barbaric relic, about 3% of the world total, making them the sixth largest holder in the world, and retail demand for these gold proxies is expected to explode in coming years. Private investors, mutual funds, and pension funds are all underweight gold. This is all happening in the face of declining production from traditional gold suppliers like South Africa. It all adds up to a whole lot of new gold buyers and a shrinking body of sellers. Paul didn’t give any specific price targets other than “up.” Long time readers of this letter know I have been banging the table about gold all year. Time to salt away more American eagles for those college funds and grandkids.