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Use the Dip to Buy Silver

|Includes: CDE, Hecla Mining Co. (HL), WPM
Thosetransfixed by gold blasting through the $1,200 level have been missingthe real action in silver. The white metal has soared 86% to $19.50since the beginning of the year, compared to a more modest 56% move forthe barbaric relic, an outperformance of almost two to one. I have beena raging bull on silver all year, and on May 7, grabbed you by thelapels and shook you senseless if you didn’t buy at $12.70 (click herefor earlier report ). It is nothing less than owning gold with aturbocharger. Silver gives you a nice double play. Its qualities as aprecious metal are giving it a major boost from the flight from thedollar, one of this year’s certainties.  It is also an industrialcommodity, which unlike gold, is consumed, and therefore gives you acall on the recovering economy. If you don’t think this move is real,check out the shares of the silver producers. Coeur D Alene Mines (NYSE:CDE)has rocketed by 357% this year, while Silver Wheaton (SLW) is up 350%and Hecla Mining (NYSE:HL) has soared by 395%.  If you want to get set up onbuying silver futures, e-mail me at andI’ll tell you how to do it. To accumulate .999 fine Silver Eagles orsilver bullion for the tightest spreads over spot, by clicking here.How long will it take to get to the old high of $50? William HerbertHunt, who engineered the 1980 squeeze with his brother Nelson with a100 million ounce long position that last took it that high, could tellyou, but only from the grave.