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Thanks for a Great Year!

In this last celebratory letter of the year, I wish to thank all ofthose who helped make the Diary of the Mad Hedge Fund Trader aresounding success. After months of tedious and often frustratingwebsite design and programming work, I put the site up in March, whichreceived a meager 40 visitors for the month. Hubris strikes again, Ithought. Who was I to think anyone would be interesting in my globalinvestment ideas, let alone pay for them? But being the stubborn oldbastard that I am, I kept at it. Traffic slowly improved, until thefall, when it went viral. Today the letter is read by over 100,000 aday in 113 countries, including Burma, Canada’s YukonTerritory, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Kazakhstan. I didn’t even know theyhad Internet access in these places. I'm obviously going to have to providemore coverage of financial markets in the Maldives, where I only have two readers. About 3,000 new hedge fundmanagers, professional investors, day traders, and assorted voyeursvisit the site every day. Three of 12 sitting Federal Open MarketCommittee members read the letter. Some 400 a day download a Hedge Fund Radio program. I am widely read by the US military in Iraq andAfghanistan, and especially by the Navy, where it seems sailors haveunlimited computer time aboard ship to educate themselves for careersin the financial markets. More than 3,000 a day use Google’stranslation software to read the letter, and I almost wonder if it isenhancing what I am saying to generate such broad internationalinterest. It appears that everyone in the American homeland wants tounderstand what’s happening in New York and Chicago, while those abroadare desperate for insights into the USA. I’ve gotten invitations youwouldn’t believe, including no less than three marriage proposals. Ithas all been a revelation, both unbelievable and humbling. I am notworthy. I can only hope that the immensely positive feedback I havereceived will spur me on to greatness in the New Year. Thanks again.