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A Merciless Grilling for Tim Geithner

)”Have you no shame, sir?” That is what I expected Treasury secretary Tim Geithner to cry out during his congressional grilling today. The circus was preceded by a Republican congressmen holding up emails for the cameras proving Geithner’s perfidy in the AIG bailout, but was unable to tell us exactly what was in them. Is Whitaker Chambers going to testify next? Are we going to be led to a pumpkin patch?  No, I’m not old enough to remember the red scare and the 1954 McCarthy hearings, although I know that many of you readers are. It was all comic theater listening to the conservative minority attempt to blame Geithner for the financial crisis they created, the bail out that Bush’s Treasury secretary initiated, and the bill that was passed on to Obama. Where were these people demanding full disclosure in October, 2008?  The farther we move away from those cataclysmic days, the more people come up to me saying we should have let all the banks go under and dealt with the aftermath. They don’t understand that a decade long Great Depression II was staring us in the face. I can remember enough of the stories my parents and grandparents told me about those difficult days to know that it is something I’d rather not suffer through myself. You can’t blame these people for being upset, as it was they who were abandoned by their leaders and left drifting in the wind. Somehow the party of fiscal rectitude morphed from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde as soon as it got into office in 2001, and raced to double the national debt to $11 trillion as fast as possible. It all makes me want to throw the remote at my TV and cry. I don’t understand why Republicans think blaming Democrats for Republican sins is going to get them anywhere. Antics like this are certain to guarantee another seven years of the one party state. Adjust your portfolio accordingly. Enough ranting and raving for today.