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There’s a Massive Global Risk Reversal Going on

The Gulfstream is fueled up, the flight plan filed, and my pilot is carping about missing our IFR clearance slot, so I’ll just quickly dash off a few words here before I take off for the Big Apple. They are rioting in the streets in Athens, and bankers are being burned at the stake. I love it. It’s clear that there is a massive global risk reversal going on. The euro has collapsed to the $1.28 handle, crude is under $80, and the Dow has shed 400 points in two days. S&P 500 at 1050, here we come! The yen has just gapped up ¥2 as hedge funds rush to unwind their carry trades. There is a rising crescendo of stops going off in all markets that is so loud that I can hear it with my head buried under my pillow. Precious metals proved nowhere to hide, either. Did someone say something about “Sell in May and Go Away?”…. Maybe something about cash fleeing all assets in unison? It is great entertainment watching from the sidelines. As long as flocks of black swans are alighting on the markets, as in Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds, it is better to wait for the dust to settle. The big trade here is to wait for the big trade, several of which are setting up. Anyone who believes in “decoupling” at this stage also believes in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Loch Ness Monster, and also that the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series this year. That’s the limo driver at the door. Gotta run.