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Time to Pull the ripcord

The market has gotten so dead here that I have started watching Suzie Ormand to get trading ideas. So I’m not supposed to run large balances on my credit card? Who knew? A hedge fund friend told me that the market is now like watching a ball tossed in the air that is at the apogee of its move, just before the free fall begins. No news, with shrinking volume and volatility. General Motors (NYSE:GM) isn’t a stock anymore, so all of the news flow there might as well be a History Channel documentary. You can only sell so many out of the money short dated calls on other stocks before bumping up against risk control parameters. Even if you do make money in these conditions, it is at the expense of a Maalox addiction to fight the multiple holes in your stomach. It’s not worth it. This is why I prefer to spend my summers mountain climbing or practicing my ballroom dancing. Please see my “Sell in May and Go Away” opus at ( ).