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Insiders Have Been Bailing on this Market Like Crazy

Ok, people, the sucker’s rally is now over. If you had any doubt, take a look at the insider selling figures for April and May. Corporate selling of stock has soared from $10 billion in April to $63 billion in May.  Insider selling jumped from $1.9 billion to $2.2 billion, an enormous amount. Who were the suckers? Inflows to mutual funds and ETF’s ballooned from $7.0 billion to $10.3 billion. Retail investors are always the ones who ring the bell at the top of a move. That explains why dozens of technical indicators are rolling over. They’re are not signaling a crash, but they are not saying we are going up any time soon, either. If for whatever reason you can’t get out, sell short dated calls against all of your positions.