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Giorgio's Buy/Sell Recommendation 11/13/2009

|Includes: Halliburton Company (HAL)
Giorgio’s daily buying or selling of a stock based on his convictions for the day.
Each day Giorgio will make one recommendation using a post market open price to buy or sell the equity/ETF (usually within the first 30-60 minutes after the open, included with the price will be a Stop Loss) and post this blog for investors to follow in the morning. After the market has closed Giorgio records the closing price and reposts his blog for investors to see how Giorgio’s pick faired for the day. Giorgio’s price target for the day is around 1%-2% up from where he has bought the stock.
Once the % difference in open price and closing price is calculated Giorgio will post the net % day gain/loss for the day. Note: Commissions other alternative costs are not taken into account)
The accumulated amount is Giorgio’s net % gain/loss since the inception of his daily recommendation blog (Note: This is based on a hypothetical $1 starting amount

WE HIT OUR PRICE TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and made 1.977%, a good return after two losing days. 
November 13th, 2009
Buy: HAL @ $30.34
Stop Loss: $30.00
Price Target Reached: 30.94
Closing Price:
Daily % Gain/Loss: 1.977
Accumulated % Gain/Loss: $1.00029