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Back In Vanadium

|About: Largo Resources Ltd. (LGORF)

Long Largo Resources.

In Jan 2018, I published a post in Seeking Alpha explaining why I was bullish on Vanadium. I recommended two stocks, Largo Resources and Advanced Metallurgical Group. The timing on the recommendation was just about perfect. Vanadium pentoxide skyrocketed from about $8 / lb. to eventually over $35, and the stocks went with it. In Sep 2018 I wrote another piece that was decidedly less bullish. I wound up making good money on the trade, although I scaled out far too soon. It would have been a home run, but such is life.

I'm now back in. The V2O5 price fell to about $7. This was a blow off bottom in my view. This time I'm concentrating on Largo. It's not a perfect company, but it is a pure play, and it will soon be debt-free. I scaled in from C$ 1.75 to C$1.6. So we will see.

Disclosure: I am/we are long LGORF.