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|Includes: BAC, Citigroup Inc. (C), GS, JPM

Y'all can be religious or agnostic about this or a non-believer, but is there such a thing as "perfection." Apparently so if you believe the latest quarterly results of the Holy Quadrivium namely, Citigroup, BOA, JPMorgan chase and Goldman Sachs. How does y'all measure a "Perfect Quarter" (see Bloomberg, 05/12/2010)? The standard appears to be "zero days of trading losses in the first quarter." This must be some sort of droll joke of some sort.Does the "standard" also include the TARP money, or rather handout, too. Is this involved in the measurement? I wonder how most investors must feel, knowing quite well that the losses they were playing against the house. Those of us who do make some hard cash know hard hard it is to be free of losses week after week, month after month. So I'd like to propose to y'all to storm these Trading/Banker Oligarchs wherever they sit and demand to see what sort of financial shenanigans are goin' on and also see if we can detect accounting gimmicks and fraud in their regulatory filings. If y'all believe in perfection, I'd make a bet that y'all believe in the tooth fairy, too.

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