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What Has Helped Me Generate Profitable Investment Ideas

Over the past couple years, I've seen a significant increase in the number of good investment ideas that I come across, which is ironic given that the overall market continues to get more expensive. In 2016, many of the ideas I invested in have started to or finished playing out, making it by far my most successful year as an investor.

For anyone following me awhile, you know that I've been a big fan of Terraform Global (NASDAQ:GLBL) in 2016 (I started my position too early, but was able to average-down significantly in the spring). I've also been a long term holder of Biglari Holdings (NYSE:BH), which quietly was up nicely last year.

But many of my other good investments in 2016 have actually been a result of articles published by other contributors here on Seeking Alpha. Looking back, it turns out that many of the best ideas were actually Seeking Alpha Pro articles.

As an example, fellow contributor Darren McCammon wrote a great peice on shipper Capital Products Partners (NASDAQ:CPLP) in May. Based on his work and my further due diligence, I made the stock about 5% of my portfolio around the $3.00 level, and have been happy with the results (It still has plenty of room to run BTW).

I similarly benefited from Michael Boyd's article on SunCoke Energy Partners (NYSE:SXCP) last winter. Boyd actually won Seeking Alpha's 2016 Best Pick contest with this pick (I wrote up SunEdison, the clear loser), so it's publicly available now.

I bring up these as examples of how I have personally benefited from having Pro Access. That said, I don't have access to it consistently, as the $200-300/month cost to too steep compared to the size of my portfolio. I'm sure the same applies to most people reading this.

That's why I wanted to highlight the fact that you can get FREE access to Pro for a month when you sign up for the All-Access Pass at the DIY Investing Summit that Brian Bain has organized in partnership with Seeking Alpha.

I'm honored that Brian was interested in including me as one of the 25 Seeking Alpha contributors he interviewed for the summit, and I believe you'll enjoy our talk. At this point, the only way to access it is to sign up for the All-Access Pass, which is being offered for the discounted price of $97 through Sunday evening.

I've listened to some of the other interviews and find the content valuable, but also see the discounted pricing on the Summit as a great way to test out SAPro for a month at 67% off the regular price.

As an affiliate, I also benefit and appreciate each one of your sign-ups. It helps me continue to spend my time researching new ideas and presenting them to all of you (I've got a new post that will likely come out tomorrow).

This ends my attempt at marketing. I want to thank all of you that read my work, comment on it, and benefit from it. I look forward to putting out more good content going forward.

Disclosure: I am/we are long CPLP.