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Emerging Market Analisys

|Includes: Organovo Holdings, Inc. (ONVO)

Analysis by: Nick Van Raalte

(Note: only industry's were included, not interpretation.)

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We all know that technology is the fastest growing market in the world. Whether we are talking about social communications, such as FB, Google, or Amazon, or highly sophisticated technologies like 3-D printing. Where can we expect the fusion of both computer technologies, as well as the newly introduced mechanical components to bring us? Here is a recap of the top ten emerging markets according to:

1. Online Electric Vehicles (OLEV)

We know now this is becoming a possibility. Uber just bought a fleet of 500 autonomous cars from Google. Can you believe that, no driver! This is hardly enough to make a dent in the taxi service industry, but who is to say that in 10-15 years we wont have computers for drivers.

2. 3-D printing and remote manufacturing

The concept is simple. You create a relatively simple CAD file, or digital 3D design, and then you print it, into reality. Whether your looking to produce 100 IPhone cases, a new helmet, or just a little bobble head, these 1000-10000$ machines will do the job, for a relatively low operating price. We can expect many businesses to be shifting to this technology in the near future.

3. Self-healing materials

A company located in San Francisco, called Organovo recently combined organic 3D printing materials, with complex Cad files to successfully print a FUNCTIONAL HUMAN LIVER. This is a massive breakthrough, for the number one flaw pharmaceutical companies text for is liver toxicity. This new technology will allow many companies to screen drugs for potential hazards, in a cheaper and more efficient way then the prior "clinical trials," which in fact included humans.

4. Energy-efficient water purification

We have seen this technology touched on in the last decade, but who is to say it can't be brought to the next level. We used to have to rely on harsh chemicals such as chorine drops or iodine pellets to remove impurities from our water. Recently the "Magic Wand," (a UV water purification device) was introduced to offer a more sustainable and tastier way to purify water than conventional methods. This area will leave room for great industry; as for our water supply will only become more tainted with rising C02 emissions.

5. Carbon dioxide (CO2) conversion and use

Its a car, it runs, but on what? We now are beginning to see more and more vehicles being run on nothing buy Vapor, and different forms of gas. With a steady decrease in the availability of fossil fuels, mostly gas and coal, these types of technologies will become the go to for future generations. What's better than taking your water bottle, putting it in your gas tank, and then driving to work; I can't think of much. With the gas prices steadily rising, new inventions like this will only become a more widely accepted, and used by the masses.

6. Enhanced nutrition to drive health at the molecular level

Of course we all love to eat. It's only human to sit down to dinner and want to devour the entire flank steak sitting on your plate. What if the same nutrients found in that plate could be synthesized into a smaller, much more notoriously potent food. That is what we're talking about when we say, "Enhanced nutrition." For people with certain limitations of what they can eat, or people who have inefficiencies in producing or absorbing natural components of food, this will be the answer. This is not all that we will get out of this too! What if you could actually make foods digest more easily into our bodies, reduce unhealthy components, change the taste and the texture of food. Well its safe to say that people might actually begin to like the foods they previously had not. And the foods will be better for them!

7. Remote sensing

We all know how it feels to be driving down the highway, and preparing properly to switch lanes, when an unexpected motorcyclist zooms into your mirror right as were about to turn. Now what if I told you, that your car could help you. Pretty exciting right? In the recent year, a variety of luxury model cars have added the option of road-hazard alerts. These include sensing if a driver is falling asleep, cautioning an unexpected driver of another car, and even parking controls. These all will come to be a standard of car safety in future years, offering a driver with a larger arsenal to combat bad drivers, or themselves.

8. Precise drug delivery through Nano scale engineering

Historically cancer patients have limited options to combat their conditions. These procedures, such as Chemotherapy provide the patients resistance only through killing a majority of the effected cells. Hardly a sound method, but yet this is the standard. New delivery of these medicines, in the form of nanotechnology will offer a more precise and local treatment of an array of illnesses. In addition we will be able to expect patients to receive less of these chemicals by applying them directly where they are needed.

9. Organic electronics and photovoltaic

Of course we all are aware of what a silicon-based processor is, and what it does. You are using one right now as your read this. What would be the benefit of using a polymer (organic substance) to replace these naturally occurring substances? These new initiatives would allow for a more versatile and available means for computer processors. Even though these would not be as fast as Silicon processors, they would offer a low-priced alternative for computer chips.

10. Fourth-generation reactors and nuclear-waste recycling

Although nuclear power is one of the more efficient ways to produce a high power output, they are a large problem with the leftover contaminants from the process. Uranium once through nuclear processors only use a fraction of the potential from the substance, leaving over 99% of the useable as toxic radioactive waste. By creating a system that can utilize these radioactive leftover materials we will not only raise the energy output, but also reduce the operations cost and flow of dangerous materials like uranium.

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