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Shahzad Pirzada : How To Use Your Money Smartly?

To become rich with money that you have in your pocket, you will have to use your money smartly. There are many ways to use your money in a smart manner and some of them we are going to describe you in the article after having a discussion with Shahzad Pirzada, an economist and financial advisor.

Investment in Stock Market-

Shahzad Pirzada says that investment in share market thoughtfully can be called the best way of using your money. He says the word thoughtfully because prices of shares ups and downs on daily basis and you have to become smart enough to decide which company's share you should buy. As per Shahzad Pirzada, you should consult a financial advisor or share market expert before buying shares of any company.

The expert advice will help you buy the right shares that will help you enjoy good return in your future. Always get in touch with the advisor as the advisor will provide you advice on time to time when, what step you need to take.

Investment in Gold-

Price of gold is going up with a rapid speed worldwide. Buying gold can be the safest way to ensure good return in future when you need money for your needs. As per Shahzad Pirzada, you should buy gold and keep that with you for your tough time and when you feel you are in tough economic situation, you should use that to overcome the same.

Investment in Real Estate Industry-

Real estate industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Foreseeing a bright future of the industry, Shahzad Pirzada recommends investment in the field. He says that prices of properties are going up with a very fast pace- a property that you purchase today for $ 10000 will return you $100000 after five years.

Investment in Pension & Health Insurance Plans-

Shahzad Pirzada says that investment in pension plans and health insurance plans can also be a smart decision because when you invest your money in these two things, you make your life safe to a large extent. When you touch the age for pension, you get monthly pension and you can enjoy your life without doing anything. And at any moment of the time if any health problem raises you can get your treatment done with the help of your health insurance policy.

We think the ideas shared by Shahzad Pirzada can help you make smart investments, so think about them seriously.