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The Penny King

|Includes: PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (PMT)

The Penny King was conceived in Portland as a character created by circumstances.

Thousands of poor, homeless, unemployed people up and down the North American West Coast have either heard of, met with, or associated with someone who knew the person who portrayed the penny king in various street plays, instant drama scenes, and snap shots over the past forty years.

In 1995, the penny king was paying a nickel for pennies, showing poor people how the money changers and market manipulators work.

In 1999 there is a documented national penny shortage after the promoters of the penny king did a national tour of North America, advising people who were not part of the 1% that the value of pennies in North America would be skyrocketing by sheer hoarding done by those in China who saw the value of melting pennies and reselling the copper on open markets.

By 2009 the cost of copper had skyrocketed to almost $4.00 per pound.

By 2013, the Penny King, whose character was long killed off by the author, and whose fictional actions were carried out in reality via a domestic and international network of non profit motivated pay it forward type minded people, had become an International celebrity, by setting the benchmark price of any penny in any nation which still minted them at ten dollars each.

That's the going price of any penny that reaches the long arms of the Penny King.

The Candadian government did away with the penny.

The American government will soon need to do away with the penny as well as all spare change as the real estate markets and stock markets are reignited by the huge inflation of money being poured directly into the global economy by central bankers trying to keep the global ponzi game alive.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a short position in PMT over the next 72 hours.

Additional disclosure: The Penny King stories, story lines, and scripts are all copyright of the Infinite Freedom Foundations. The Penny King is the world's first trillionaire and all money in the Kingdom of Pen is fictional fiat money that can be exchanged at any time for real money, if only everyone could agree on what real money really is. This is supposed to be funny and comedic like the Motley Fools who keep investing their fiat money into fiat stocks.