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My Bio/Pharma Ideas For 2018 And Beyond

|Includes: ATNM, Randgold Resources Limited (GOLD)


Each stock I write about I own.

My ideas are based on my experience in this Industry spanning 3 decades.

I will share my ideas but YOU must do your own Due Diligence and remember that Biotec is extremely risky even for the best investors!

Hi Guys!

Well we made it through the Summer Bio Doldrums and lately BT has been picking up. Its a good time to explore some BT ideas that have reasonable potential to market their drugs. Some that I will write on have a very good chance to succeed...all will have risk and you must do your own Due Diligence.

Some of you have asked me to write on the SA forum so I thought I would give it a try by ""Blogging"" at first, very informally.

Im going to share an idea or two with my readers, lay out the basic reasons I went long and share the Cos. history so you can see my Modis Operandi(MO) over time. One thing you will notice right away is that I try to stay UN emotional and I trade all my stocks no matter how great they appear so that I keep a core position at all times and when the share price (sp) is High I sell some shares and when the sp is LOW I buy some shares. The spreads are what allows me to reduce the LT (longterm) cost of all shares. I can afford to do this because my two Primary Brokerage Accts allow me 100 free trades Monthly in one and $2 trades in the other. I mange about $750,000 in mostly Retirement Personal Monies all in BT and Pharma and I try to keep 10+% in CASH at all times.I must confess a small position in a Gold Play called ABX(Barrick Au) as well. Maybe 5% at its highest contribution and I consider this a pure Hedge against Inflation/Foreign Power Risk which admittedly we have very little Inflation but I worry about Foreign Power Military Expansion so I keep some Au(GOLD) on hand! This harkens back to my college days and Business School a la circa 1970s...yes I'm really that old!

I believe nearly all my pics must be held for years but that can be boring, costly, complicated and hard to keep track of, so to mitigate RISK which all BTs have from many different streams like "DILUTION RISK, DRUG FAILURE RISK, poor management decision making risk",  I find it absolutely necessary to play the spreads! Always be trying to reduce your cost of shares...always without exception...period. One should never fall in love with any holding.

Please understand this in no way defines my desire to stay LONG or SHORT....its simply my way of derisking my Investments over a long period of time! I call this my BIO/MO and its really just Common Sense.

So lets get going...on my next blog I will write about my current favorite new BT play which if I'm correct on its potential could be moving from its current $.63/share to $6.30/share by this time next year!

Yes folks, I believe Ive found the PROVERBIAL 10 bagger in a highly UNMET NEED in Blood Cancers or Leukemias! Its a niche play, its not for the faint of heart, its a very special case and few if any know about it but if you are a Physician working in BMT(Bone Marrow Transplant) than I'm sure you know about it and likely will be using it commercially by 2019!



Disclosure: I am/we are long ATNM.

Additional disclosure: On next Blog I will disclose my rational for owning ATNM(Actinium Pharma).