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Apple : Open Letter To Tim Cook On How To Quickly Boost Revenue Stream And Diverisfication

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Every Apple investor knows that Apples revenue is derived in large part from a declining Iphone market. The hope is that either improvements in Iphone innovation or continued increase in services stream will keep the company stable until the next big thing.

However there are still great potential adjuncts to the revenue stream that could easily lead to substansial earnings growth. First and foremost the AI Butler. Iphone with their Siri AI butler changed how we accessed information on our phones. Apple has let Amazon beat them to the punch in developing Echo. However Amazon has also left the door open to do this device better incorporating the Siri software with a free Apple music subscription as part of the device to get more people used to using the service. Obviously as a trial that the customer will get used to having access to and keep the subscription at cost. This could be a big boost alone.

Secondarily most smart watch device companies miss the biggest draw to having a smart watch. Being able to stream music from the watch to bluetooth headphones. A simple commercial using the beats by dre headphones mixed with an apple watch capable of streaming apple music independently could be a huge draw for the vast population of active lifestyle consumers. This could once again benefit services and watch/headphone sales.

I hope there are other ideas down the pipeline but these are instant successes that will abruptly change the sentiment on Apple

Disclosure: I am/we are long AAPL.