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Two Dividend Growth Stocks Showering Investors With More Cash

|Includes: Eaton Vance Corporation (EV), OHI

I believe in a bottom up method of evaluating each individual holding separately, and then if it holds up, not worrying about the portfolio as whole. Each week I monitor the list of dividend growth stocks that raise dividends. I use this as one of the procedures for monitoring my dividend portfolio holdings. Other ways to monitor your dividend growth holdings includes reviewing trends in earnings per share, dividend payout ratios, returns on equity and checking the story for major news such as acquisitions, mergers, divestments etc. In general, if you purchase a security at attractive valuations, you avoid overpaying for it, and that security grows earnings per share over time, it will deliver dividend growth and it will likely increase in intrinsic value. This is how a business owner evaluates a business by the way.

There were two companies that managed to raise dividends over the past week, which had at least a ten year track record of annual dividend increases. The companies include:

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