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Binary Options Trading: 4/5 ITM

Hi traders,

Today I am going to show you and explain you five trades I took in binary options.Four of them were 60 seconds binary options trades and one of them had 5 minutes expiry. I had a 4/5 which is a good performance for the day.Take a look in my trades.

As you can see my first 60 seconds trades was out of the money and the rest were in the money.I took two trades in EURUSD currency pair and three trades in GBPUSD currency pair. Now, I am going to show you my setups.

The first chart is from EURUSD currency pair. I took my trades in the blue rectangle.The first trade was in the first green candle which hit the blue rectangle and I took a put.The reason was the buying climax in the volume indicator and I was expected a lower high.This trade was finally OTM.The next minute I took another put because a more solid setup appeared.The price hit a previous resistance(the red horizontal line) and as the price is moving down the volume is decreasing. I took a put and it was a solid ITM.

This is the second chart of the day, from GBPUSD currency pair. I took my trades in the arrows in the chart.Two calls and one put.In my first trade, in the first call arrow the price hit a previous support and we have a good rejection. In the volume we have a magenta color bar which means that the price is moving without much volume so I took a call which was in the money.My next trade is in the put arrow. Look at the price. It's moving up with a decreasing volume. Finally the price hit a previous resistance area so I took a put which was a solid in the money, too. Now it's time for my last trade which had 5 minutes expiry. Look the blue rectangles that I drew in the chart. You can see clearly that the price makes higher lows and higher highs. I was waiting for a call opportunity.Look at the last call arrow.It's my entry.The previous red bar hit the 50 fib retracemnt of the last leg and we have a small is not strong volume.So, I took a call binary option trade with 5 minutes expiry which was in the money, too.