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The Ten Baggers From Asia: List of stocks up more then 10 times

Peter Lynch, one of the greatest investors of all time in his Book published in1989 "One Up On Wall Street" coined the term Teenager meaning "a Stock whose value increase ten times its purchase price".

In the current Rally which started on March 9th, only 7 stocks in Asia has give you a return of more then 10 bagger - meaning the stock price has increased by over 10 times compared to what it was on March 09.

Topping the list is UT Holdings from Japan where the stock price has risen by 15 times. the other stocks are:

The Ten Bagger Story From Asia
Company Country 
UT Holdings Japan 15.1
Exoma Energy Australia 13.5
Hoosiers Corp Korea 12.98
Arigene Co Korea 11.58
Meo Australis Australia 11.54
Aditya Birla Australia 11.33
Sino Tech Singapore 10.21

Some interesting observations here
1. Off the list only for two stocks UT Holdings and Sinomen had any buy recommendation (that to only one) and rest did not have any buy recommendations at all. While Aditya Birla had two sell recommendations.

2.What is also surprising is that all the stocks are from the matured markets as generally the stocks from emerging markets tend to give such higer returns. 

I have used Bloomberg to generate the results.

enjoy your week end.