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Motorola Time is Now

I am a 2 year Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Bull and fortunately Apple has proved me right with excellent growth and execution across the board. However, this week I picked up Motorola(MOT) due to a great oppty they have in the Smartphone space, Their new Droid phone, available Nov 6 at Verizon (NYSE:VZ) is taking advantage of the Android 2 operating system, which along with multiple smartphone varients they will produce in the coming year should be a great boon to Motorola's  revs and profits, While it is no iPhone, it does not have to be.  Almost all reviewers say it is a good smartphone and it along with the other Motorola versions such as the Motorola Cliq selling today at T-Mobile will be offerred on all the carriers networks, as opposed to just AT&T in the US,  MOT is still cheap at 1 times revenues and while PE is high, I think it will catch up over the next two years, In addition, I sense a momentum play as the Smartphone/Mobile Computing space is now recognized as a major growth area by all the analysts. I think its a solid buy under 10 and a long term hold there after. Betting this great American company can make a comeback!