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What Bernanke Had for Lunch?

This market is so jittery. It doesn't trade on technicals, or on fundamentals, or even on sentiment. It trades on whatever last thing was said by some bigwig on TV. Today it was Tim Geithner, who managed to say all the right things and nothing substantial at the same time.Later on, Merkel and Sarcozy said that Greece will be saved, details not included. More rally.
It's kinda useless to talk about technical indicators now, but... Nasdaq is confirmed above 13-day moving average. S&P closed above 13-day MA. Dow closed below that, but who cares about Dow nowadays? I think Cramer is right, and until Eurozone is sorted out one way or another, we will have jittery market.
Whatever concerns I have though, I really enjoyed today's rally.