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It's Not The End of The World

Although sure feels like it. Bad (although expected) news from Europe. Everybody panics. Huge selloff on Wall Street. Proper reaction? Buy on dip!

I opened two positions today.

Reopened 3D Systems (NYSE:DDD). This is my speculative position to trade the current range. Previously I sold it over $17, now bought back under $16.

Opened Alpine Total Dynamic Dividend Fund. This is more of cash management vehicle, although might be a part of speculation. This closed end fund yields more than 13% and trades at discount to NAV.

Current market jumps up and down don't look natural, I agree with Jim Cramer on that. I can eve go farther (I'm not a CNBC anchor) and say that it looks like blatant market manipulation. Well, I'm OK with rigged market if I more or less understand how it's rigged and if I can make some money on it.