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Great October!

|Includes: Designer Brands Inc. (DBI), RH

No, it's not about October Revolution (1917) in Russia. It's about stock market in 2013. I spent half of the month on vacation, so I rested while my portfolio worked. I should say, it worked quite good.

What now? Who knows? I still think that we are going to have rally straight into year end. But there are problems (aren't they always?). Stocks are somewhat overvalued. GOP in Congress is determined to kill economy in order to save it. Commodity prices are still high (with exception of corn, which fell off a cliff this year). As always, market climbs a wall of worry, confusion and resistance.

So far, I didn't trade much lately. Missed most of shutdown/debt ceiling debacle, which was very tradeable, and happy about it. Picked up Restoration Hardware (NYSE:RH) and DSW Warehouse (DSW) on dips.

In the couple months remaining in the year, I'm planning to do the same. Pick up whatever I can on drops. Maybe buy something I'm pretty sure about. Maybe take some profits. This market is scary and exciting, my goal is not to be scared much and keep my excitement in check.

Disclosure: I am long DSW, RH.

Additional disclosure: Positions can change any time.