I Am Ashamed To Be Russian

Mar. 08, 2014 12:15 AM ET4 Comments
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I was born in 1956 in Izhevsk, USSR. I graduated high school in 1974 in Tambov, USSR and from the Tambov Institute of Chemical Engineering (now Tambov State Technical University) in 1979, with a BS equivalent. Starting in October 1979 I worked full-time as an IT specialist. I moved to the Moscow region in 1980. Until 1990 I worked for different companies in the Soviet military industrial complex. I created a small software business in 1991, which failed in 1993. I worked for Oracle Corp in 1995 in Moscow. In 1996 I moved to the US, where I continued working as an IT professional, which is still my main source of income. I became a US citizen in 2006 and started investing in 1998. I had an extremely successful 1998 and 1999, very bad 2000 and 2001, then recovered. I mostly invest in what I know, which means mostly high tech companies, but wouldn't discard any opportunity. I'm trying to make my performance better and share my thoughts in my blog Muddling Investor (http://muddlinginvestor.blogspot.com/).

I don't write here on political matters. But, the situation is way too dire.

For the first time in my life I am ashamed to be Russian. When USSR entered Afghanistan, I was young and poisoned by Soviet propaganda. Later, I was happy when USSR fell apart. I thought that I could live in free Russia. By 1994 I found out that people of Russia don't want to be free and responsible for themselves. Now I live in USA, I am US citizen, proud of my new country and relatives are the only link to my former country. But now Russia invaded Ukraine. This is war. It doesn't matter that nobody died yet. Naval blockade, occupation of Crimea and its almost certain annexation are acts of war. And it doesn't look like the end. Russian military already probed approaches to Ukraine borders in the North (shortest way to Kiev). They retreated, when found out that Ukraine military are ready to meet them. Will they retreat next time?

I know a lot of people in Ukraine. My heart is with them. I wish them all the luck, they need it.

Ukraine sovereignty was guaranteed by US, UK and Russia in 1994 (Budapest agreement). Looks like this was just a piece of useless paper. US and UK don't want to defend Ukraine in any meaningful way and Russia is an aggressor. According to Budapest agreement, Ukraine surrendered all nuclear weapons on its territory to Russia. I don't think they are happy about it now. The lesson is clear.

If Putin is not stopped now, Baltic countries will be next. This looks like beginning of World War III.

My heart is with Ukraine.

Слава Україні! Героям слава!

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