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Alternative booksellers / BGPIQ.PK / BKS

Not everyone buys from Amazon.
With Borders Group on the restructuring ropes and Barnes and Noble's stock down even after its biggest competitor filed for bankruptcy, book publishers are turning to "alternative booksellers" looking for people who like to browse books before they buy them.  And with some success, according to the NYTimes.  These are often smaller, non-book  retailers that allot tables or shelf space for books.
Much to my surprise, the local Urban Outfitters has a table full of books for the young hip demographic. (And yes, they allow old people to come in and look around, even if the "slim fit" jeans aren't going to work for you.) My local hippie/dippy coffee shop has been selling off-beat books for years. (Bought a book on Woodstock there.)   Likewise the local camera stores have a book selection. My local Home Depot has books for sale. 
A selection of related books looks like a win/win for the retailers, publishers and readers, since more specialized titles can be carried than in the general book stores.
My spin: A good idea for promoting smaller titles. I'm convinced paper books will survive the electronic era, but I don't think they will prevail.  The business model is looking like the newspapers, where increasing electronic revenues don't  offset rapidly decreasing hard copy sales. BGPIQ.PK was a stronghold of paperback titles. The loss of 200 outlets has got to be hurting publishers.
Just my opinion.
Publishers Look Beyond Bookstores