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Urban Outfitters sells unfashionable clothes! - URBN

|Includes: M, Urban Outfitters, Inc. (URBN)
When your funky clothes are selling well, you get fawning reviews from the business press and the experts, praising your creative genius. When they're not selling, you get critical stories criticizing your product line as unfashionable or, worse, as "bizarre" or "lackluster."

And sometimes you get it double-barreled, like poor Urban Outfitters, subject of both a major Bloomberg article and a slide show critique of random bad stuff critiqued by a stock analyst.
My spin: Welcome to teen retail. Sometimes it sells, sometimes it don't. You'll understand complex derivatives before you understand the Mind of The Teen Shopper. With the holiday selling season upon us, we'll soon be drowning with retail stock analysts and "industry experts" offering breathless 20-20 hindsight opinions on why retailers messed up. 
I have yet to see a stock analyst call a fashion trend at the beginning of the selling season. Their opinions are about as valuable as someone telling you your tire is flat as you're pulling out the nail. So I'm not going to be looking for the latest shirt designed by Breen, Murray or Goldman Sachs at Macy's this year.
Just my opinion.
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