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The Buzz From the Detroit Auto Show - F, GM, AN, BWA

|Includes: AN, BWA, Ford Motor Company (F), GM

Bloomberg is running some pretty good coverage of the Detroit Auto show. The US automakers are talking up their new cars. The dealers are talking sales. The parts manufacturers are talking up turbochargers and their international sales.

They had an interview with Chryslers' CEO, Sergio Marchionne. Chrysler is bringing back an old name, the Dodge Dart, and putting it on a Euro cross platform that's got an Alfa-Romeo heritage. Still, the Dart is more solidly middle class than sexy. It promises 40-mpg from its 160-horses and is competitively priced to pick up market share, under $16,000. That puts it under the Cruze, the Focus and the Elantra.

Ford is talking up the Ford Fusion, available as a gas, a hybrid or a plug-in, opening prices from $20,000 to $28,000 and up.

GM is bringing a new compact Caddy sedan, the ATS, to its line. Whereas GM had rebadged Euro cars, and failed in the market, the ATS is a new platform. MPG expected to be 30-ish. GM needs a winner here. Caddy trails BMW, Mercedes and Lexus in the luxury market.

The auto dealers say sales are up with luxury selling particularly well. The average car is about 11 years old, an all time high. If you can push it in for the trade, the auto dealers are ready to help you drive out a new one. They've got money to lend.

Asked about a US recession, the parts guys say they don't see one, but they're are bragging about international diversification.

My spin: With the financial world in a spin from Europe to Asia to the US, no telling where auto sales will end up.

OT - for Detroiters only -- The Bloomberg reporters apparently took a driving tour of Mo-Town's sights (old factories and historic neighborhoods, even mentioned Stroh's brewery.) Apparently in some form of visual / cultural shock, one of the reporters has been babbling incoherently about the City's bad condition...And they didn't even get car-jacked.

-- The Mich Central Building - "OMG you can see right through it"
-- "We're in the historic district. There's the largest vacant historic office building in the country."
-- The original Model T factory - "terrible condition."
-- "So much vacant land in the City they are thinking of turning it agricultural." ( True.)
-- And best of all, "The weather here is like Northern California."

Long autos.

Just my opinion.


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