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Bonnaroo / 40-mpg Ford Fiesta F

|Includes: Ford Motor Company (F)

More likely than not the wrong demographic for much of Seeking Alpha, but Bonnaroo is going on in Tennessee this week-end. Bonnaroo is a popular music festival.

I was intrigued that Bloomberg Business Radio interviewed its founders on Friday. You've got to like hippies who go straight from telling you about their innovative "silent disco" to the importance of brand-building.

In one of those modern miracles that I find amazing, you can watch the Bonnaroo concert live on YouTube and Tweet right along. And listen to famous musicians you've never heard of. (I'm looking for Tony Bennett on the schedule.)

Ford is proving its demographic smarts by sponsoring the Bonnaroo webcast to promote its new and very green 40-mpg Fiesta to the youth market.

The Fiesta is available this summer. It offers best-of-class mileage that beats the Honda Fit and the Toyota Yaris. It has a 120-HP powerplant and a popular starting price of $13,995. Its being touted for its hybrid-like fuel efficiency at a much lower price.

Bonnaroo is pretty smart marketing for Ford, IMHO. Remains to be seen if Ford's going to be smart enough to have enough inventory on hand to sell. The domestics have never really been committed to the small car market with its lower per-unit profit.

Investment sentiment: long Ford. Long The Dead Weather, Umphrees McGee and Jimmy Cliff

Just my opinion.

Bonnaroo live webcast June 11-13

Introducing the 40 mpg 2011 Ford Fiesta
Ford proves that you don't have to buy a hybrid to get hybrid-like fuel efficiency with its 40 mpg 2011 Ford Fiesta

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Disclosure: Long Ford