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Almost Ready With My New Website/blog,

Its been suggested to me many times that I set up a blog type website, and I am just about there.

I have registered the domain: and will be using blogger as the platform as I have some familiarity with it. I've also set up a twitter account.

Why am I doing this?

Firstly I enjoy talking about stocks, its a passion for me. I've been investing since the 80s and have experience with...stocks, bonds, mutual funds, deriviatives, options, mortgages, segregated funds and some instruments that likely escape my memory right now.

My late great father worked on both Wall and Bay Streets in the 1960s and 70s, and it was he who first alerted me to the fact that the investment world is a shark tank, there are lots of dirty little games going on constantly. Of course anyone who's wathced movies like Boiler Room, Wall Street, A Good Year or The Wolf of Wall Street, then you already know that.

And my late great mother was a writer. So I guess it could be said that I am the perfect confluence of the two. Using my mother's creative skills, and my father's business sense.

Part of the reason I share my opinions and views is to organize and clarify my own thoughts. I have very defined views on the markets in general, and primary among those thoughts is that most commentary that is out there is designed to take advantage of retail investors.

Industry players infest social media, trying to get retail investors such as myself, to either buy and hold the stocks they are selling, or conversely to sell the stocks they are buying.

At times I have struggled with reconciling my Christian faith with investing in the markets. At the end of the day its a zero sum game, with one group getting money and the other group getting shares. I rationalize my involvement in the sure knowledge that whether I share my opinions or not, the games will go on. And if I can help some retail players to better understand the way the game is played, then I will have "done unto others as I would have them do unto me".

But that doesn't eliminate the fact that the market requires both winners and losers, everyone cannot win. Everyone can't buy low and sell high. But industry players have such a huge advantage on this tilted playing field, with so many tools at their disposal, not the least of which is access to enormous capital, that they are never going to be wiped out....while every day there are retail investors who get wiped out.

Anyway....if you've enjoyed this blog you're welcome to follow me over on which should start publishing in the coming days.