Your Retirement Finances – How Concerned Are You About This?

Apr. 06, 2012 3:12 PM ET
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Jeff Voudrie (pronounced “Voo-DRAY”) is a Certified Financial Planning Professional (TM) and a nationally recognized financial advisor known for his straightforward (and often opinionated) advice. He’s been interviewed by many prestigious publications, including The Wall Street Journal, CBS Marketwatch, Kiplinger, The London Financial Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and Financial Planning Magazine. Jeff has also appeared on CNNfn as an expert and wrote the syndicated weekly financial column, Guarding Your Wealth. Jeff began his career in the financial services industry dating back to the crash of 1987 and started his own firm in 2001.The Bear market of 2001-2002 caused him to develop unique trading systems and the software necessary to effectively manage his clients’ accounts individually, resulting in the issue of 3 U.S. Patents. On a personal note, Jeff and his wife of 25 years, Julie, are the proud parents of 7 children—3 of them adopted from Ethiopia in 2009. Having served in the past as overseas missionaries, being very involved in their local church and homeschooling their children, Jeff and Julie’s personal faith is reflected in everything they do. That includes Jeff’s approach to his business, where he takes seriously his responsibility to protect, empower and educate investors.

The Retirement Income Fear

Everywhere I go, people seem to be echoing the same concerns as they watch the world's largest economy, the USA crash in a slow motion. Even as we observe what is going on, there seems to be an incapacity to stop it, leaving everyone staring in disbelief at the way things are unfolding, not knowing what to expect next. This fear has no doubt translated itself in to our market structures, resulting in the instability which we have been observing lately. When markets become this volatile, when there is little clarity and when one news item anywhere in the world is able to cause markets to rise or fall; when there are so many that are trying to keep their heads above the water financially, and you know that your retirement savings is all you have, it is in times like this that it becomes absolutely important to take back the control of your investment portfolio in to your own hands.

Who is Jeffrey Voudrie

My name is Jeffrey Voudrie, a certified financial planner and considered by many to be a private wealth management expert. I have gained my reputation mainly because I became the guy who decided to put up a fight against this seemingly unbeatable battle, one which I consider to be the unethical practices of brokerage and insurance firms, which they have unfortunately successfully indoctrinated their army of salespersons to propagate. I have taken some pretty tough hits during some of the worst bear markets we've experienced over the last five decades, and I know first-hand the hopeless damage it can bring to retirees and their retirement income. I've therefore made it my top goal to prepare retired investors just like you to avoid such damages from affecting them and their investment planning. A vivid description I suppose of what I do would really present me as the guy who helps those who've been burned by others, leaving them not knowing where or who else to turn to. Those who have worked with me in the past will no doubt tell you that this is an honor that I take very seriously.

In Control Of Your Retirement Finances

Giving you control over your retirement wealth is the reason that motivates the writing of this series of eye-opening articles on retirement wealth strategies for retired investors. This informational series on retirement income monitoring and planning will shed new light to the issue of retirement investment, reviving the confidence of retirees like yourself, that all is not yet lost for your high income retirement savings. I will show you that there is a better approach which can provide you with the guarantee you need in order to feel comfortable and secure - and may be for the first time ever.

The articles that I present in this series are not about the newest or hottest product in town, as you would have probably discovered for yourself by now that there isn't any single retirement product that will take care of your problems. The focus of my articles however are about giving you back the control of your retirement finances because the only the person who is going to care as much about your retirement income is you. It is therefore important you stay constantly informed and well knowledgeable to avoid falling prey to an industry that can easily leave its private wealth management customers feeling neglected.

Question is, how can we make this happen? It starts by showing you an insider's understanding of the Wall Street System (WSS). Unfortunately this is still very much a system where the buyer needs to beware and be aware. My job will be to make you 'aware'. Then my next steps will be to reveal to you through this series of articles an entirely new approach to retirement investing, one which is patterned after the traits used by some of the most successful investors.

These articles are not about the guy next door who has multiplied his money on some hot stock - rather, this is about those outside of Wall Street who manage tens and even hundreds of billions of dollars, who have been able to deliver strong returns year after year. (I am going to give you an interesting hint - the investment approach used by these guys is very different from what the majority of retirees and almost all those in the Wall Street System have been using). I will shed light on the attributes that make them successful so you can apply them to your own retirement plans in a manner that leaves you entirely satisfied.

The Author

This article is an excerpt of the latest book of Jeffrey Voudrie, How Successful Investor's Tripled The S&P 500: The Secret To Stop Playing By Wall Street's Rules, End Your Frustration, REGAIN Control Of Your Finances and NEVER Have To Worry Again. To find out more about this book and others in The Retired Investor's Survival Guide Series, please click here:

Jeffrey Voudrie is a Certified Financial Planner and nationally recognized financial advisor. Jeff has been in the financial industry for twenty-five years, and has been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, CBS Marketwatch, Kiplinger's, The London Financial Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and Financial Planning Magazine. For more information on Jeff, please or

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